LANDSCAPING SERVICES in the Las Vegas, NV area

Tree Trimming

Transformers Landscaping offers tree trimming services for homeowners, business owners, and parks in the Las Vegas area. Tree trimming is necessary not only for visual reasons, but to remove any dead leaves or branches and prevent overgrowth into other plants, building exteriors, and etc. With our professional tree trimmers and expert landscapers, this process is fairly quick and can be done for one or several trees at a time.

Lawn Design

Cutting the lawn is a simple process, but if you’re interested in more than simply a flat row of grass blades, Transformers Landscaping offers lawn design services. From creating simple patterns in the grass by using different mowing paths to adding stone walkways, and intricate flowers and designs, we can customize this service for your home or business. We can even put your logo in the grass.

Palm Tree Trimming

Because palm trees naturally have all of their leaves near the top with tall, textured trunks, palm tree trimming is different than other tree trimming. A ladder and specialized pruning shears are used to remove brown fronds and keep all leaves growing evenly from the upper part of the tree.

Tree Removal

Transformers Landscaping will remove trees that are diseased, overgrown, or simply in the way. Our experts know how to fall a tree so that it will land in a safe area, away from buildings and cars. We remove large trees up to 15ft tall in sections to avoid a large area of clutter from the leaves and branches and increase safety during the removal process.

Yard Clean-Ups

Our experienced landscapers offer yard maintenance services, including grass cutting, shrub and tree trimming, watering of flowers and plants, weed removal, maintenance of garden soil, overgrowth trimming, and other services to keep your yard looking pristine. We also clean up yards, removing storm debris, raking leaves, sweeping loose grass and twigs from sidewalks, yard waste removal, and construction debris cleanup.


Lawns and gardens only stay attractive and healthy with regular maintenance. We can take care of that for you will grass cutting, scrub trimming, debris removal, leave raking, snow and ice removal, and other repairs and maintenance you see fit or request. Transformers Landscaping will keep your Las Vegas property looking its best.

Other Services

Transformers Landscaping also offers other services don’t forget to ask when you give us a call today.

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